lends new meaning to the phrase light my fire

Introducing the amazing

CamoLighter is the greatest breakthrough in portable survival technology in the last 100 years. CamoLighter emits an efficient 1800 degree plasma arc. No fuel required. It's powered only by it's internal lithium-ion battery. Oh, did we mention that it's 100% windproof and can be lit even when submerged in water? This technology was supress for years by greedy companies that didn't want the lighter industry disrupted. Now, with CamoLighter, we made this critical technology availble to everyone.   

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A marvel of engineering and design, the CamoLighter is your most critical preparedness tool. Did you know that the ability to make fire is the single most important factor as to whether you and your loved ones make it out of a survival situation? Don't bet your life!

  • X Shaped Flame

  • Lightweight

  • Durable

  • Precision Built

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"A heat source and light are immensely critical in getting you out of a survival situation alive If you have no way to light a fire, a bad situation can quickly become unsurvivable. Fire gives you three key survival factors  - the ability to make signals, so you can be rescued, as well as the ability to provide lifesaving heat. The last thing it gives you might just be the most important - the ability to boil water. Each of these factors are critical to saving your life. The CamoLighter further improves on your survival odds by making sure that you not only have an ignition source, but that your ignition source is impervious to water and wind."

- Lars ulrich

Emergency Preparedness Expert


Plasma Arc Flame

Originally developed by Nikola Tesla, this amazing technology produces a clean, hot flame with zero fossil fuel!

USB Rechargeable

Any USB port can charge the CamoLighter using the included charging cable.


The lid locks down tight to form a waterproof seal. Don't worry about it getting wet!

Built In Flashlight

100 lumens of white hot light, located in the bottom of the lighter!

Included Lanyard

Included smart lanyard allows the lighter to be unclipped so you can use it to start a fire, then snap it back on the lanyard. Never lose another lighter again!


Whether you're in an F5 tornado or a Category 4 hurricane, CamoLighter will light. Guaranteed.

Never needs fuel!

Because CamoLighter is electric, it never needs fuel, and it's internal battery will provide hundreds of lights before it needs recharging, which of course you can do with any USB device like a phone charger, computer port, car adapter, or, our separately sold solar charger.

5/ 5

"CamoLighter isn't like any lighter I have ever owned. More correctly, it should be called a survival fire starter, because it lights practically anything on fire!"

- Levi Davis

Verified reviewer
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waterproof, of course

Lots of other lighter manufacturers claim their lighters are waterproof, but when we say waterproof, we mean that the FLAME lights even under water! Literally no other lighter can do this!

5/ 5

“My buddy accidentally tripped me and I fell into a creek. I was bummed that I had my brand new CamoLighter in my pocket, but I pulled it out and lo and behold, it lit even while soaking wet!”.

- Bret Watkins

Verified reviewer
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built in flashlight

Lighting a dark room with a lighter flame really is the stuff of horror movies. We figured you'd just want a powerful flashlight instead.

5/ 5

“CamoLighter's flashlight lasted over two hours one dark night when we lost our light at camp!”

- William Ramis

Verified reviewer

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Charges with USB, which is everywhere these days. Charging cable is included, of course.

Comes in a beautiful, velvet lined box and makes a fantastic gift, a gift that could save a loved one's life!

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